ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunday May 26th and Sunday June 2nd I will be hosting FREE WEBINARS focused on interpreting the meaning of the Freudian Unconscious for our contemporary world. You can sign up for the course designed around the Freudian Unconscious now: REGISTRATION OPEN.

  • Sunday May 26th: 8 PM Central European Time (REGISTER: ZOOM LINK)

    • 11 AM (Los Angeles; Vancouver)

    • 2 PM (Toronto; New York)

    • 7 PM (London)

  • Sunday June 2nd: 8PM Central European Time (REGISTER: ZOOM LINK)

    • 11 AM (Los Angeles; Vancouver)

    • 2 PM (Toronto; New York)

    • 7 PM (London)

The course itself will attempt to understand how to interpret fundamental concepts for the 21st century (e.g. truth, immortality, sexuality, negativity, creation) through the lens of the discovery of the unconscious. The discovery of the unconscious is as fundamental a discovery as the heliocentric model of our solar system or the evolutionary selection model of biological organisms. Thus the wager of this course is that if we are willing to integrate the discovery of the unconscious into our knowledge of reality we will be able to make sense of our world, both professionally and personally, in a new way.

In the free webinars we will be introducing the meaning of the unconscious in four different quadrants:

  • 1. Reality and Language

    • How does reality emerge and become constituted by language?

  • 2. Civilizational Structure and Sexual Drives

    • What is the relation between historical structure and sexual energy?

  • 3. Negativity and Dreams

    • How do we make sense of difficult realities and our most intimate dreams?

  • 4. Authentic Truth and Meaningful Creation

    • What can we do to act our truth in the world and engage in higher creativity?

Join us for the free live call by registering using the Zoom link above or below: