Free Webinars: Exploring the Self - From Being to Becoming

Exploring the Self

Exploring the Self

This weekend I am hosting a series of free webinars introducing a new course: Exploring the Self - From Being to Becoming. In this course we will attempt to confront fundamental philosophical questions with direct relevance to self development: who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing? How can I know? Where do I start? The overall goal is that such work will help one confront the chaos and uncertainty of our complex world with a new self determination and understanding. From low to high self understanding!

However first we focus on the free webinar. In the webinar I will attempt to give a 30 minute overview of my self and aims, as well as a quick overview of topics that are fundamental for self understanding:

How to think about the core of the self and its potentiality

How to approach history and emotions objectively

How to bring sense of freedom and desire into focus

Now all you have to do is mark the time and date of the webinar into your calendar, make sure you have the free Zoom software to join the call, and come with an open mind to explore the self! You can find the dates and times below along with the necessary Zoom registration link:

  • Friday March 22nd (Zoom Registration)

    • 1pm PDT (e..g Los Angeles, Vancouver)

    • 4pm EDT (e.g. New York, Toronto)

    • 8pm DST (e.g. London, Lisbon)

    • 9pm CET (e.g. Brussels, Berlin)

  • Saturday March 23rd (Zoom Registration)

    • 12pm PDT (e.g. Los Angeles, Vancouver)

    • 3pm EDT (e.g. New York, Toronto)

    • 7pm DST (e.g. London, Lisbon)

    • 8pm CET (e.g. Brussels, Berlin)

  • Sunday March 24th (Zoom Registration)

    • 10am PDT (e.g. Los Angeles, Vancouver)

    • 1pm EDT (e.g. New York, Toronto)

    • 5pm DST (e.g. London, Lisbon)

    • 6pm CET (e.g. Brussels, Berlin)

Excited to share with you more in the real!