Operator of the Real

Operator of the Real


I am a philosopher (Ph.D.) with an interdisciplinary background in fields of evolutionary anthropology, psychoanalysis, complexity science and big history. I have spent my life searching for the truth of being and now seek to share that search with the world in a form that is aligned with self-understanding. Throughout my search I have come to appreciate the power of philosophical thinking for its perpetual questioning, and the power of psychoanalytic thinking for its self-reflectivity. I attempt to combine perpetual questioning and self-reflectivity into all of my work as I find this is the source of truly new form and creative being. Thus all of my webinars and courses are designed from this foundation with the aim to participate in a universal dimension of self-becoming.


What I Offer

I offer an exploration of the frontier of philosophy through an open engagement with the meaning of historical dialectics and the purpose of psychoanalysis. I use historical dialectics to keep my knowledge in a constant motion that reflects the deep structure of our present moment. I use psychoanalysis to ensure that my knowledge is always properly reflected in a paradox or contradiction of desire. The combination of these knowledge practices allow for an open and logical design to my work on YouTube and also my online course work.